est. 2017

Prevent Overdose. Save Lives...

MISSION:  Our ultimate goal is to guide those who are currently struggling with addiction to a new beginning, long term recovery. This terrible epidemic is on the rise and we are working with the community and other organizations to bring awareness and hope to this growing epidemic. 

Myth VS. Fact:

Myth: Heroin is less harmful when smoked or snorted.

Fact: Heroin is a highly addictive, deadly drug no matter which way it is ingested into the body.

Myth: Heroin is only used by the older generations.

Fact: The average age of heroin users is now 21 years old. 

Myth: You cannot be addicted to prescribed medication.

Fact: Many prescriptions are highly potent and have a very high potential of abuse and addiction.

Myth: Addicts are easy to identify.

Fact: There is a stereotype for the face of addiction. that is however not true. Addicts come in all genders, ages, races, social status. It is a disease that can impact anyone.

Recent Event Photos
Cheryl, Lauren, Courtney, and Amy
V.P. RNR, C.A.R.E., Co-chair RNR, C.A.R.E.
President and Vice President of RnR, with Mayor Jim Fouts and John Johnson
Debra and Cheryl, of Rock n' Resource
City of Warren Mayor, Jim Fouts
Retired NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Randy Grimes and his wife

Jeannie Richards, of Bryan's Hope, instructing a narcan training.